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Odds are you enjoy outdoor recreation on recreational vehicles, a large percent of the population does.

A great way to make new friends and a lot of extra cash is to join the Team.  You can share your interest with others in the Forum and present your exciting Website to anyone you know that sells boats, or any kind of recreational vehicle. Or anyone who enjoys boating, or any other kind of recreational vehicles. That is a very wide targeted audience, which makes your Affiliate Website very easy to promote.

As a Team Member you will receive a multiple page Affiliate Website that is identical to the main Website.   You can present your affiliate website to others and make 90% Sales Commissions.

We offer a 2 tier Affiliate Program for Affiliate Sales.  You will receive $800 for each sale that you refer, and $100 for each sale, made by an affiliate you referred.

You will find immediate up-to-date statistics in your Affiliate Back Office showing visits to your Website, how many affiliates you've referred, and how many sales you've referred, amount of commissions owed to you, and amount of commissions paid to you.  You will receive your Commissions via Paypal, Check or Wire Transfer.  You will also find instructions in your Affiliate Office on how to successfully promote your Affiliate website to quickly begin generating income from your Affiliate Website.

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